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MAKE UP FOR EVER VELVET MIST&FIX MAKE UP VELVET Matinantis purškiklis fiksuojantis makiažą, 100 ml

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MAKE UP FOR EVER VELVET MIST&FIX MAKE UP  VELVET Matinantis purškiklis fiksuojantis makiažą, 100 ml
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER VELVET MIST&FIX MAKE UP  VELVET Purškiklis fiksuojantis makiažą 100 ml

Refresh your skin, instantly and permanently. Innovative anti-shine spray to apply on bare or made-up skin. REFRESHES, SMOOTH and MATTIFIES

Co-created with our makeup professionals, LIGHT VELVET AIR MIST is your essential partner to control shine while refreshing your skin. Indispensable for people with normal to oily skin, LIGHT VELVET AIR MIST is an innovative spray that durably fixes makeup and matifies the skin without altering its natural radiance. This anti-shine spray guarantees your complexion a natural and luminous appearance thanks to ultra-fine and colorless mattifying mineral powders. Its fine and uniform mist instantly decreases by 26% * the shine, smoothes the complexion and reduces imperfections. LIGHT VELVET AIR MIST is also composed of plant extracts that reduce the appearance of pores for a smooth appearance and a refined skin texture.

With LIGHT VELVET AIR MIST, take your makeup routine to the next level and get professional results with a quick and easy solution!

This amazing spray has a dual use: its airy, non-sticky texture can be applied to bare or made-up skin to mattify in complete transparency.

1. For single use, SPRAY 2 presses on your bare skin to reduce shine and blemishes.

2. On foundations, apply to FIX your makeup and BOOST its hold for 12 hours and enjoy a feeling of ultimate comfort. Also bring a natural and silky finish to your powder-based makeup, without drying out the skin. - Throughout the day, REFRESH your make-up and MATIFY the skin texture with two sprays.

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